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Buckeye Flight owns a FlyThisSim TouchTrainerVX FAA approved BATD desk-based flight simulator.

FAA APPROVED BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device)

Enables logging of private and instrument training as well as instrument currency. But its use is not restricted to these items, the TouchTrainer can be used to hone normal and emergency procedures, your knowledge of your aircraft and perform realistic mission rehearsal with live air traffic control from Pilot Edge and practice using your Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) as you would in the aircraft.

  • Learn how to manage and use advanced equipment – Garmin
  • Load any scenario in any conditions including day, night, IFR, VFR, wind, and rain.
  • Experience engine and avionics failures beyond what can be accomplished in an airplane.
  • Fly to an unfamiliar airport and practices IFR approached.
  • Practice radio communications with real people.

The TouchTrainerVX is a flight simulator that has the widest range of avionics, autopilots, and instrumentation available which provide an in-depth learning experience.


Fly any aircraft in our fleet including Cessna and Piper airframes controls.

Practice radio communications through the use of PilotEdge which adds ATC functionality allowing you to talk to real people- most of them either current or retired air traffic controllers.

With the TouchTrainerVX you can train quicker and learn more efficiently than ever before, saving you money and time.

For available hours and dual instruction by appointment only.

Hourly Rate: $40.00/hr for simulator only. For dual instruction, the instructor rate applies. All new students receive 30-minute simulator orientation.