Flight Instruction

The Buckeye Flight Academy Difference

Learning to fly is a fun and rewarding experience, but it can be difficult to navigate for first time flyers. Whether you are learning for fun, or are pursuing a high-paying career in the booming industry, rest assured B.F.A. will help you succeed. At Buckeye Flight Academy we understand each person learns differently. We develop custom training for each student to ensure success. At Buckeye Flight Academy YOU are the priority. Our experienced instructors are industry professionals and look forward to working with you to help make your dreams of flight a reality.

The Process

Your training begins with something called a Discovery Flight. This is a short 30-40 minute flight where you are first introduced to the front seat of an airplane. We always recommend that new students do a discovery flight before pursuing further training, to ensure comfort and readiness to learn. We offer two different airplanes you can receive primary training in; our Cessna 150, and our Piper PA-28. The Cessna is a two-seat airplane and is smaller inside than the Piper. The PA-28 is a four-seat airplane which offers more performance and better stability than the Cessna. Both the Cessna and the Piper are exemplary training airplanes. It is up to you (the new student) to pick the airplane you would like to learn in. As a new student you will be pursuing your Private Pilot’s Certificate to fly single-engine land airplanes. 

Buckeye Flight Academy is a Part 61 flight school, which means that you will need to fly and receive training a certain number of hours designated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Buckeye Flight Academy prides itself in our structured, and transparent training program. As a student of B.F.A, you are not just a number – you are a pilot with specific learning needs and goals. It is very important to us that you meet your goals in an affordable, timely fashion while building confidence and becoming the safest pilot you can be.

We fly primarily out of the Toledo Express Airport, and Fulton County Airport. When we schedule lessons, we schedule in 2 or 2 ½ hour time blocks, which will allow us to fly for at least an hour, and do any required ground (one-on-one oral instruction). We are open 7 days of the week, year round. Weather can be the most restrictive factor depending on the time of year. A realistic timeframe for completion of our program is 3-6 months, depending on lesson frequency.

Training Requirements

Your private pilot training can be split up into a few different components. From the moment after your discovery flight, you begin working with your chosen instructor to understand the basics of flight like aerodynamics, aircraft control, maneuvers, and takeoffs and landings. Once you have reached a competent level, your instructor will help you solo the airplane. This means that you will be able to fly the aircraft without the instructor inside (yay!). In order to get to this point you will need to obtain an FAA Medical Certificate (similar to a sports physical), and your Student Pilot Certificate. After your first solo flight, you will continue to work with your instructor to go on cross country flights, night flights, and pass the required private pilot written exam (70% or higher). Once your written exam is complete, and you have met all the hourly requirements set forth by the FAA, you will work with your instructor to prepare for your practical test. The practical test consists of an oral exam, and a practical (flying) exam, which are done on the same day. When you pass your practical test with flying colors, you will become a certified private pilot!

If you are interested in learning to fly, or further pursuing your instrument rating or commercial certificate, contact us today!