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What is a Discovery Flight?

The Buckeye Flight Discovery Flight is a 35-45 minute introductory flying experience designed for individuals interested in aviation and wanting to explore the world of flying. We always recommend that new students do a discovery flight before pursuing further training to ensure comfort and readiness to learn.

We currently offer two different aircraft: our Cessna 150 and our Piper 140. Discovery flights are available to students of all ages, however, flyers five (5) years old and younger require a guardian present during the flight.

Cessna 150


  • This aircraft is limited to one (1) flyer weighing 200 lbs. or less.
  • Flyers over 6′ tall may find the interior space tight.

Piper 140


  • This aircraft is limited to one (1) flyer and one (1) guardian with a combined weight of 350 lbs. or less.

Our discovery flights include:

  1. Ground Briefing: Before the flight, you’ll receive a brief ground lesson where an instructor will explain the basic principles of flight, the aircraft’s controls, and safety procedures. This helps you understand what to expect during the flight.
  2. In-flight Experience: Once aboard, the instructor will handle takeoff and initial maneuvers. During the flight, depending on the school and instructor, you may have the opportunity to take the controls under their guidance. This hands-on experience allows you to feel what it’s like to pilot an aircraft.
  3. Scenic Flight: The flight typically includes a scenic route to enjoy views from the air. This can vary based on the flight school’s location, but it often involves flying over local landmarks or picturesque landscapes.
  4. Post-flight Debrief: After landing, there’s usually a short debriefing session where the instructor discusses your experience, answers any questions, and provides information about further flight training if you’re interested.

The primary goals of a discovery flight are to give you a taste of flying, let you experience the thrill of being in control of an aircraft (even if briefly), and help you decide if you want to pursue formal flight training. It’s a great way to see if you’d like to pursue flying as a hobby or even a career.

We are open 7 days a week, year-round.