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Standard Rates (as of 02/2024)

Aircraft Make/ModelRental Rate (hourly, wet)Instructor rates (hourly)
Cessna 150 N5600G$110.00$50, $55 Advanced instruction
Piper 140 N95422$140.00$50, $55 Advanced instruction
FlyThisSim BATD Simulator$40.00$50, $55 Advanced instruction

Interested in a Discovery Flight?

Discovery flights include a 30-minute introductory flight, up to one hour ground consultation, and a logbook! Consider getting a discovery flight gift certificate.

Aircraft Make/ModelRate
Cessna 150 N5600G$125.00
Piper 140 N95422$150.00

COMING SOON!! Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Make/ModelRental Rate (hourly, wet)Instructor rates (hourly)
Aeronca L-3 N49110 (Tailwheel)TBATBA
Piper Apache (Multi)TBATBA

*3% debit/credit card fee

*Primary training = Private

*Advanced training = Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, Multi, MEI